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The Beautiful List

The Beautiful List

By purchasing a pre-release, author-signed copy now, you will receive a few FREEBIES! 1) A downloadable PDF of "10 Truths About Beauty," 2) A downloadable PDF of your very own Beautiful List, and 3) A downloadable PDF Christian-based supplemental book club discussion guide. Simply go to and click on the "CLAIM MY FREEBIES" link. Be sure to include your proof of purchase from this order, and Christine will email you the PDFs. Please only select local delivery if you know Christine and will be able to pick up your copy directly from her.

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The Beautiful List engages tweens with candid trials about bathing suits, boys, mean girls, body image, sibling jealousy, friendship drama, family dynamics, pressure to perform, and even tragedy. It's a needed conversation starter for middle grade girls who desperately need to know they are beautiful just as they are. But it's also a reminder to those of us who interact with tweens - both boys and girls - that our attitudes and actions about worth matter greatly.


5 x 8 x .47